The Fest

This year's Fest will, once again, take place at Circle Pines Center  in Delton, Michigan. Circle Pines is a member-based education and recreation center whose mission is to teach peace, social justice, environmental stewardship and cooperation. We will have plenty of room on acres of land with rolling hills, hardwood and pine forests, meadows and a sandy beach on spring-fed Stewart Lake. There are miles of trails for hiking, diverse wildlife and an organic garden and orchard provide fresh produce. Check out the area map showing the camping areas, cabins, and Pavilion.

At the Pavilion, expect a line-up of Midwest sourced liberty enthusiasts offering talks, interactive discussions, demonstrations, and dialogues on the most pertinent issues relevant to your freedom! There will also be opportunities for you to take the floor if you so choose. Contact us for info about signing up to give a talk.

Truly free market exchanges will be happening throughout the weekend. We highly encourage guests to bring their offerings to contribute to the building of a bustling and robust market for everyone to enjoy. Food, handmade goods, apparel, currency exchange, and a variety of other services will be available.

If true freedom is important to you, and you'd like to contribute to the success of this event, please contact us. We will have volunteer opportunities as the Fest draws nearer.

Please bring your own food to the Fest. Some people may be selling or giving away food, but we cannot guarantee there will be enough to meet your needs.

The Organization

The Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest Association is an unincorporated nonprofit association which organizes and manages the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest each year.

As a nonprofit organization:

  • We do not support political candidates, participate in political campaigns or act to influence legislation. (Of course, individuals at the Fest can say whatever they want.)
  • The money we collect is used only for the Fest - paying to use the recreation area; providing firewood and equipment; compensating volunteers for their effort; and other Fest-related expenses. (No part of the net earnings benefits any private individual or person.)

Planning Committee

The planning committee consists of Mary & Jason (The Hippies), Joe Moutard, Alex Riethmeier, Dustin Reamer, Kip Orfield, Jason Paradise and Miriam Zachariah.

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